Phantom Hymn

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Your face bloody from a childish fight,

the tight lawless lines of your slight frame

Clenched as I cleaned you up that drizzling night.

Midnight’s makeshift nurse, an E.R. game;

I kept you company while you laid blame

On yesterday’s pawnshop deal gone awry.

No concussion, no piss test, you scraped by


My heart still tied, we talked until daylight.

You worked at kindling a stealthy flame

which burned out one wasted night;

I meandered back to my ex despite

Our famous hateful breakup that spring.

I disappeared to have a chemical fling


He looked for buses til twelve at night

And wandered the streets without aim.

I only wish that I had the foresight

To understand we would all part in spite

We three spread to the winds to pursue fate

With wasted pasts holding us in checkmate


If God had made that gift my birthright

I would have sent you back to whence you came

You stole my time and I welcomed the blight

Now I stay alone and strive to rewrite

My future. Seeing you is seeing a phantom.

May I remember that by this hymn.

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