Politically Naive Bop

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Are debts unrepayable in life? Some

spend entire lives under crime’s shadow.

Why snuff a life’s value for legal spite?

Lift the lost from life’s junk pile

With compassion and education.


Not all evolve. Some things are too ugly to forgive.

But should so much be wasted – human potential

and money Spent on ineffective coercions

and punishments? Why mark a man for life

Over an act commissioned with adults

Both informed and consenting? Whole lives

Spent scraping by, sleeping in cars and

Cheap hotels because of lack of skill,

Education, and a black mark from youth.


Make education free. Decriminalize

Drugs. Smash ignorance, intolerance,

and prejudice! Teach us sinners a new

Way to live. Invest in the future

Of the world, all of us together.


Okay, I already regret mentioning my politics, BUT HEAR ME OUT. The prompt asked me to poem format called “the Bop” and it involves invoking a problem in the first stanza, exploring it in the second stanza, and solving it in the third. Basically, this damn thing exists because I know men who are trapped between the choice of making less than $10 an hour or doing illegal things because of felony charges.

I’m not saying every single one of them is a great person, but at least one could work in computers, and another could be a chemist if they were given the opportunity of education. Instead one’s a thief and the other manufactures drugs. So, they screwed up and now their lives are eternally wasted and society has to support them until they die?

This sounds like a terrible solution to crime. Sorry for the super-preachy poem that I’m not even much of a fan of, but they can’t all be zingers.

Seriously, it is so hard to find a job with a felony charge…

TL;DR: Don’t yell at me, yell at NaPoWriMo.

Also this:


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