Ewww, options.

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The pink cloud has disappated. I was kinda preparing myself for this – things aren’t terrible, but I’m considering a major and majorly stressful decision now, and I am so happy to have a sponsor.
She’s suggested making a pros and cons list and praying on it for the next week.

Here’s the problem:

My mom is considering divorcing my father (sidenote: this has been an ongoing possibility since I was child) and would like to get a duplex with me.
As in, she’d buy both sides of the duplex, legally co-own the building with me and I’d pay an insanely reasonable rent. After she passes, I’d become the full owner.

As in, I’d never homeless again if I pay my taxes and don’t majorly screw up financially. I do not have the credit or finances to do something like this on my own, and legally owning something vs. renting would be a huge long-term advantage for me and be tremendously psychologically soothing.

a) There’s a nice college in the city we’d move to and with the rent I’d be paying I wouldn’t have to kill myself with working a lot of hours to afford it.
b) This city is famous in this state for having a really good recovery community.
c) I’d have half a duplex to myself, and any other option I can do financially at the moment involves splitting a place with someone else.

My mom inherited a lot of money, so this would be a super-nice duplex, as in the area of $200,000 and there is no way I’d have an opportunity to pay such a low rent on anything bigger than a rathole closet apartment in the middle of nowhere, so oh my god, why am I not just jumping on this already?

Problems: My mom is 70, an active alcoholic and not the most stable person, which means I’d be in a certain level of a caretaker role. We’d be moving to the city my 50 year old half sister lives in, but she is also an active alcoholic and suffering from a liver disease and is too dignified to do the program or go to rehab, and has a teenager, so I’m not sure how much help she’d be.

(if you’re wondering how I’m so much younger than my mom and sister- i’m the product of my mom’s second marriage, and I was a surprise when she was 39.)

I can’t imagine my father would be happy if I enabled this, not that we have much of a relationship, really, but I’m sure this is karmically bad.

Lol, the biggest problem in my life is potentially trusting my mom. Fuck, that says too much, but she might change her mind any day. I already told my best friend – we’re planning on moving in together – that this popped up but I’m super divided about it, but it is a thing I might potentially do, so…I don’t know, man.

I’ve been exhausted for the last two days and have a major on/off nosebleed.

In other news, my best friend and I are seeing Primus in the fall, and the tickets came yesterday, so YAY.

PS: Depending on the count I believe, there’s either 400 of us on this blog or slightly over. Thank you all and welcome to the new people! Thanks for chilling out here. :p

7 thoughts on “Ewww, options.

    • Thanks, Jack. There are so many variables to consider, especially with Alzheimer’s being in my family. Mom’s pretty much able to handle herself now, but in 5-10 years who knows?


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