April Discoveries: Music and Poetry, G Suite, QuantiModo, Mental Age Test

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Music & Poetry

Here’s another opportunity to listen to “Pa’lante” by Hurray for the Riff Raff and read “Puerto Rican Obituary“. Be proud of who you are, love others, and build each other up.


I’m extremely not from the islands, don’t smoke weed (not because I have something against it/dislike it, but discovered through trial and error that smoking weed leads to shooting meth for me, so no weed it is!)  but (recently) obsessed with reggae. Here’s two recent discoveries:

RIP to the world’s coolest and most talented kid (Billy Boyo passed in 2000)


“I know some people who go to church on Sunday

and these same people will wear a sheet on Monday

They talk about justice and being free

but they’re watching lynchings so easily

It’s hard to believe they’re children of God”

Two very different but beautiful beasts.

(help i can’t stop)

If you wanna be a junkie, wow…

just remember, Freddie’s dead.

Curtis Mayfield. From the movie, Superfly…


G Suite

You now have no excuse not to fully use Google’s free tools. This extension (and website!). If you’re not very technically inclined, this extension is your new best friend. If you’re good with this kind of stuff – guess what, you’re gonna learn from this as well.

You can learn how to use their office tools (Google has everything Microsoft Office offers, but free), you can learn how to use keep, which will save your life. Gmail. Inbox. Hangouts (which is currently somewhat of a mystery to me) Google+, Calendar, Groups…I’ve been playing with this thing all month and my new found skills will help in my quest for world domination…

By “world domination” I mean day-to-day life, college, and an eventual office job.


QuantiModo is free Chrome extension, website, and app that tracks your weight, mood, medication, therapy/medical treatments etc. to see how these things affect your mood and discover hidden trends in your mood and life. You can also hook it up to several exercise tools and trackers, as well as that facebook thing. It is surprisingly easy to use so far.

https://quantimo.do/ – also features a video that does a better job of explaining what it does and how simple it is to use.

Mental Age

Test here. If you’ve been through IOP or recovery, you might have heard that a person stops mentally developing either a) when they first use or experience a significant trauma/develop PTSD, b) when they begin using regularly.

This theory has always alarmed me, because if it’s accurate, I would be either upwards of 6 or upwards of 14. According to this test, I’m mentally 48, which I don’t know if I believe exactly, but it’s a relief not to test out as an adolescent.

The inside of my head feels more like a seven year old, a sixteen year old, and a 80 year old who’ve been trapped in the same room for 29 years. The seven year old and sixteen year old just want to run around and cause different forms of chaos, and the 80 year old just wants some peace and quiet for once.

5 thoughts on “April Discoveries: Music and Poetry, G Suite, QuantiModo, Mental Age Test

  1. ooh I know hangouts just really cool messaging texting app I love the Goog. I have always heard about emotional maturity being arrested at the onset of regular using of substances
    Cool music/songs

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  2. Great post, Joss!

    Thanks for mentioning QuantiModo! 😀 I’m really hoping we’ll be able to reduce global suffering by accelerating citizen science.

    Keep up the good work!

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