Dear Marlene:

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Dear Marlene:


You will never trust another

or rely on a human

in the way you trust chemicals

to take care of you.


He’s right, about one thing

you’re all sex and death.


there’s nothing you crave more

than the final embrace,

the arms of the mother

you never had.


You edge yourself closer

with every shot.


You love who you hate,

and hate who you love.

You love drugs.


More than your body,

more than truth,

and more than your self.


There are truths

you hide

from everyone,

including yourself.




You practice selective truth

and selective awareness.


Your soul

is breaking

under the weight

of pressure,

duplicity and deceit.


I beg you: heal or exit

but do not continue

this torturous half-life


this glazed-eye

zombied existence.




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