Who Sent You?

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Okay, so I wrote this prose poem called “Free Kittens” at the beginning of the month.

It’s popular, which is really cool, but it’s so popular that I’m wondering why. “Popular”, as in its been viewed more times than my homepage, and it’s more than 10x more popular than the next most viewed thing I’ve written.

Any experienced bloggers or people with insights on what’s going on with this one?

Is itΒ linked somewhere? I can’t find any obvious referrals in my stats.


Here are what my stats look like now:

Screenshot 2017-04-16 at 10.52.28 PM.png


8 thoughts on “Who Sent You?

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  2. That’s interesting! My guess would be that lots of people are searching for “Free kittens” and your post is coming up on search engines…? I dunno!

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  3. A very simple answer to this conundrum: the post was about cats. That’s it. Somewhere along the line in the short history of the internet, someone decided that pictures or videos or stories about cats doing anything at all are the pinnacle of cute or cool or funny. One might reasonably ask, “Why not baboons?” Because I know of very few people who are referred to as “that crazy baboon lady”. An unspoken agreement seems to have been reached that has a couple of components: 1) if you’re lonely and awkward, get a cat and act as though this thing cares about you; 2) talk about this cat using the same language others use when saying romantic things about their wife or husband or partner; 3) contribute to feline fanaticism by posting cat-related stuff all over the web, thereby increasing the odds of others following your lead. One of my most viewed posts was an over-the-top freak out on my own cat. The humor of the post was in the horrible, angry things I was saying about Carl. But people loved it anyway…because it was about cats: https://twovoicesinonetransmission.com/2017/02/25/fuck-you-carl/

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