Damian Marley

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I find it very fascinating that one person or a group of people can get together as a choir and come up with a song that ends up inspiring people to create emotions, love and togetherness. Communication, which comes from this idea that sparks off of humanity and becomes something that is cherished and loved by the people, is very fascinating to me.

Damian Marley

We live in a world that promotes negativity and shallowness; I avoid the news, because the top stories are along the lines of :Kardashian sister farts in public; President Trump declares trees to be enemy of the state, buys Russian deforesting agent for “national defense”. Basically it’s in the interest of the few that we’re all busy fighting for our own survival and view people that are superficially different than ourselves in some way as a threat to our survival.

In this world where we’re essentially all family divided by the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the top, it’s exciting to encounter people who actively work against this.

So, Damian Marley makes some pretty deep and positive music, but he does other stuff, too, like  turning a California prison for non-violent drug offenders into a grow facility for marijuana.

Also, the proceeds from his 2009 album recorded with Nas,”Distant Relatives“, helped build a school in Africa.

 Grudges are forbidden

Forgive to be forgiven

Some of the smartest dummies
Can’t read the language of Egyptian mummies
An’ a fly go a moon
And can’t find food for the starving tummies
Pay no mind to the youths
Cause it’s not like the future depends on it
But save the animals in the zoo
Cause the chimpanzee dem a make big money
This is how the media pillages
On the TV the picture is
Savages in villages
And the scientist still can’t explain the pyramids, huh
Evangelists making a living on the videos of ribs of the little kids
Stereotyping the image of the images
And this is what the image is

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