6 thoughts on “Creation

  1. I like it, I have been realizing that the whole program is a lesson in finding out who and what we have been and then being more aware of what we are becoming. For being so self-absorbed, the lack of self-knowledge is astonishing to me.

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  2. Holy cow — as if I wasn’t already impressed enough with your outlook on just about everything, you just expressed the depths of pantheism in six lines, whereas it recently took me a very lengthy post of several paragraphs just to make it more confusing than it already is. Alan Watts would’ve loved your words.

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    • Thank you – you genuinely are one of the best writers I’ve encountered, I’d love to read your post.
      But, There’re things I consciously write like “I am the reason two meth manufacturers own and know how to use narcan”, and then there’s poems like this and “An Unexpected Eulogist”-which I initially thought was a pile of shit but turned out to be the one thing I’ve written that I actually go back and read repeatedly. This sounds pretentious and insane, but I feel guilty for taking credit for writing this…it’s more like I passively channel these poems than actively think them out and write them.

      I mean, I know where it comes from/have read some spiritual texts – basically, this one comes from my memory of reading “sepher yetzirah” when I was 16, and so high on benadryl that I alternating between reading it with one eye shut, and watching the blood move through the veins of my strangely transparent skin on my hands. I really tripped out on the line “The ten numbers formed from nothing are the Decad: these are seen in the fingers of the hands, five on one, five on the other, and over them is the Covenant by voice spiritual, and the rite of Circumcision, corporeal (as of Abraham).” But honestly I have no clue how some of this stuff comes out of me.

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      • I didn’t find that pretentious at all…I, too, find that my favorite pieces of writing are the ones that seemingly came out of nowhere…channeled though me, as you said. I’m guessing that sepher yetzirah is a Kabbalah text? I’ve only read Practical Kabbalah by Rabbi Labl Wolf and found the parallels between that mystical Jewish tradition and Eastern philosophy to be incredibly strong. And both sides of your writing spectrum, as well as everything in between, are superb. Here’s my clumsier attempt at making sense out of the inexpressible: https://twovoicesinonetransmission.com/2017/04/10/lila/

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      • Yep, kabbalah. It’s one of the earlier ones on the formation of the universe/relation to the hebrew alphabet. I actually got into that by way of Aleister Crowley (I was a teenager), but he draws a lot of connections to Eastern philosophy/the western esotericism. He might be kind of a divisive figure, but he was extremely educated and had a wicked sense of humor. 🙂 Excited to read your article.

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