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Recently, someone from drugrehab.com reached out to me about potentially collaborating, which is super-exciting.

What’s even better are the resources provided on the site, the first thing I’m struck by is their free e-book on sobriety, found here, which is a wonderful dossier on the process of getting sober. I really wish I had found something like this earlier in my recovery, and find a lot of it is still useful to me at this point.

Other things you’ll find include help with finding rehabs, getting insurance coverage, guides on issues related to substance abuse – I especially like their article on domestic abuse and substances–  and write-ups on specific drugs – their article on meth is pretty accurate, and includes this paragraph:

Consider that the human brain produces dopamine, the primary chemical of happiness, in different amounts based on what we experience. Sex increases dopamine levels 100 to 200 units. Meth, by comparison, can spike the brain’s dopamine level to about 1,250 units.

This is the best is a objective description of how horrible my first year out of serious methamphetamine addiction was. My brain was used to high levels of dopamine, desensitized to the amount of dopamine anything I could do would produce, so I was stuck in both an eternal brain fog and a hell realm of apathy, disinterest and depression for six months before it abated…It really took me about a year to return to anything resembling a normal psychological baseline.

I feel that Drugrehab.com is a great addition to the current conversation on addiction. A lot of information on the web is somewhat biased, incomplete, or written from a specific viewpoint on addiction, and frankly sometimes these sites feel like more of a sales pitch than anything, so definitely check it if it’s relevant to you.


13 thoughts on “Drugrehab.com

  1. I’m so glad you’re okay now. It must have been a hard journey, you’re a strong woman. You can certainly help others and bring awareness to this kind of problem!! Proud of you for your strength and for this collaboration!! Please don’t let this article pass me by, make sure I read it. xx

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    • Thank you! I’m not sure, they actually contacted me through “Learning to Live Sober”, which has like 3 followers and is a little neglected. Will ask next time I talk to him.

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  2. me I am enjoying your blog! You are incredibly inspiring! I cannot wait to read more. You and have a thing or two in common!!


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