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“So continue to play out your personal dramas and victories and defeats as long as they are fun. If you find that you are genuinely depressed, confused, enraged, hopeless and self-destructive, you need to review the rules of the game. To recap the rules: 1) You do not exist as a separate entity, so stop taking yourself seriously; 2) no one else exists as a separate entity, so stop letting them get to you; 3) you created the Universe (the game), so stop feeling like a confused outcast in a cruel alien world; 4) shut the fuck up once in a while and pay attention to this weird, beautiful, chaotic phenomenal display of your own creation.

In other words, you are God. So get over yourself, for God’s sake.”

Two Voices In One Transmission

6360743511365841251410286282_Spiritual-Enlightenment-Universal-Oneness-Vibrational-LeapMan suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun. – Alan Watts

We’re playing the game all wrong.  All of us.  The most embarrassing part about it is the fact that we invented the game but got so caught up in playing it that we forgot we are engaged in a game whose rules and playing pieces we created in the first place.

If this game had a name, other than “life”, it might well be called Amnesiac Gods (or Hungry, Hungry Hippos for those who eat most of their meals at the Golden Corral).  Arthur Hancock and Kathleen Brugger’s book “The Game of God” is a playful and simplified take on Alan Watts’ pantheistic philosophy, tackling with wit and whimsy this frustratingly taboo view of theism that is also shared by the Hindus (or at least the ones who understand their own religion).  Pantheism, as…

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