Randy Newman and Bruce Springsteen

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Most people know Randy Newman and Bruce Springsteen for really overplayed songs that at lot of us feel are kinda crappy/cheesy/etc.

Then some of us get lucky and have English professors who like them and show us the way.

Randy Newman is the “Toy Story” theme song guy. “You got a friend in me…etc.” He’s all smiles, rainbows, and unicorns, right?

Turns out his back catalogue can be a little creepier than that. This one’s about a man who finds a woman’s number in a telephone booth (“Call Suzanne for a good time!”), then he finds her address and has this “cute” little fantasy about meeting her.

I have no clue why I like this song and it’s obviously a sign of my declining mind.

And because I like anything pertaining to meth, economically disadvantaged men, and/or death:

It’s a song about two brothers who come up from Mexico, figure out they can make more money by cooking meth than picking fruit for 12 hours a day, and eventually have an accident.

Basically at this point in my life I stay home a lot and read, and have to fight with myself to go out and get groceries. (IDK why, really, the whole time I was in active addiction I might have been in a grocery store three times, and that was because it sold starting fluid…you don’t really run into drug addicts in grocery stores very much. I lived off the salvation army’s free meal and gas station food when I had food stamps for a couple years.)

Like, I realize I almost died like every damn day when I was on the streets and dealing, but it was a lot more exciting than my current life. Part of my brain remembers it like this:

The rest of me doesn’t, though, so we’re good.


10 thoughts on “Randy Newman and Bruce Springsteen

  1. If you haven’t heard it, check out Springsteen’s song “Lost In The Flood” from his first album, circa 1973. Lyrics don’t get much starker than that.

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  2. I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like longing, we all suffer, as time goes, I am less desperate and cynical about how I am not being served. Becoming more sensitive and compassionate toward others

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