Do not engage in politics while half-asleep

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Oh man, I try not to talk about politics too much for a couple reasons:

  1. I’m ideologically atypical. I think people are generally the best judges of what’s appropriate for them, and if they’re not directly hurting anyone else, leave them alone. Yeah, there’s something deeply wrong with me alright.
  2. I kinda feel like the political system is basically a trap/no one with any “weight” in politics has much interest outside of their corporate backers and themselves….I was a PoliSci major ten (omg) years ago.

Unless it’s not even six in the morning and Ann Coulter bahhing about her shindig in Berkeley getting cancelled because the financers thought it wouldn’t be particularly profitable to send some right-wing person to talk in Berkeley?

That’s kind of like pulling out of funding a bakery on a diabetic colony.

Like, nothing against bakeries or diabetics, just…exactly how many people do we think are going to be utilizing this bakery? It’s almost as if…the money could be better used to do something else.

She’s complaining about her very important message being stiffled and is crying about free speech. Let’s look at this Wikipedia article on the censorship in the Soviet Union. Now compare this to what just happened.


It has been a really long time since this has been a part of my life, but isn’t this less about this poor little blonde girl being harrassed by the man or whatever, and more like a pretty good of free market economics at work? As in: “We’d fund this, but we’ve looked into this, and five people would show up, and all of them would be very angry, which means they’re probably not going to be doing stuff like paying for signed photos and buying books”

I guess that wouldn’t whip anyone into much of a frenzy, though.


I went to this libertarian event when I was 18, and the people there were great, actually, but I’m more like a warped left-libertarian and they were all very right-wing. As in “Ayn Rand: The Ultimate Sex Goddess” level right wing.

Although there was that guy who cornered me with a conversation about the metal content of coins and how fort knox is empty…Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but that may not be the subject to lead with in a conversation with an 18 year old.

They, did, however, have a free beer tent, and a tendency not to card, which the 18 year old alcoholic me really appreciated the hell out of.

4 thoughts on “Do not engage in politics while half-asleep

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