This is Me in Heels

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Actually, the dog isn’t swearing and is more consistently upright.

I’ve had multiple people try to show me multiple times, and me walking in high heels is just a thing that is not going to happen.

6 thoughts on “This is Me in Heels

  1. I could watch that dog video all day long, but my boss probably wouldn’t appreciate that. But that’s not why I’m commenting. I’m commenting purely to brag about the fact that I am quite adept at maneuvering in high heels. How do I know this? About 10 years ago, I was Alice Cooper for Halloween — the costume essentially consisted of my friend Michelle’s bondage clothing, black makeup, a top hat and 3 inch stiletto heels. At a friend’s party that evening, I was dancing on the coffee table in those heels and I wasn’t even drunk. I’m not exactly sure why I’m proud of this. I’ll stop talking now.

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  2. Hahahahahaha!!! oh my, this is hilarious. I’m right there with you! *looking down at my dress pants and hiking shoes* 🙂


  3. I do know how to walk in heels but it’s dangerous. I fall while wearing flats all the time so I really need to be extra careful with heels.


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