Traffic Stops

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I used to deal a specific drug that comes up to my area from a big city two hours south of where I used to live, up from Chicago. This city is mostly black. My area is mostly white. You know who’s surprisingly racist and judgemental about other people’s lives? (A lot of) white male drug addicts in Appleton.

They’d rather get their drug from a white girl and pay 1.5x  the “know the right people” price for it rather than just be frigging normal.

I used to call it “The Asshole Tax”.

Which isn’t the actual point of the story. The point of the story is actually how much it annoys me when people act like white privilege doesn’t exist and the black people who have issues with the cops must not know how to talk to cops/have done something to deserve it.


I’ve been in traffic stops a few times, always with drugs, usually high, but usually with another white person. Zero stress, be polite, don’t be weird, remember to mention you have nystagmus if it seems appropriate, he’ll let you go.

Got stopped in a car with three black guys once, pretty sure we all thought we were going to go to prison and die.

He stops us, eyeballs the whole car, and decides that I’m apparently the one person that speaks English. Starts out with “Do you know these men?”. Like no, I just magically appeared in the car somehow. (1. Obviously not what I said. 2. I guess he thought I was the most “breakable” person in the car.) Half an hour of intense as hell interrogation, finally we drove away in peace. Pretty sure ten minutes passed before anybody felt like talking.

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