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Try to approach any disagreement not from the angle of winning or teaching, but from the angle of attempting to understand the other person. If the situation dictates, act as if that your opinion of this person is so high, you can’t understand how they could have this seemingly wrong opinion.

  1. It’s called being respectful. It helps in life.
  2. How important is this? If you’re about to argue with someone because they technically make a “jelly and peanut butter sandwich” instead a “peanut butter and jelly sandwich”, either stop yourself, or go sit in the corner until you figure out why no one likes you. Unless you’re good friends and both clearly enjoy harassing each other, then carry on.
  3. Some people have opinions or ways of doing things that seem weird initially, but are based on an insight into something this person has that you missed out on. If you don’t attack them right away and show interest, they’ll explain this to you.
  4. Making enemies has never benefitted me in any way, and it probably works this way for you, too.
  5. If you still reject their opinion, try to find some aspect of it you understand, or can use to explain your point of view. If the other person’s view is potentially harmful, think about how likely you are to change what they’re doing. If it’s something they’re serious about, and potentially harmful to people in your life, my advice is to cut out slowly over the next few weeks, and pretend like you just got busy. Unless it’s someone you work with or live by, in which case find a good article on antistalking.
  6. If you’re both unable to resolve it, the fact that  you were initially respectful is going to keep this from being too much of a problem.

3 thoughts on “Disagreements

  1. Sounds very much like the compassionate approach to arguing that I read from the dalai lama. Peacefully written. X) I like your writing!

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  2. Love those point – you got some wise stuff going down there. As an extension to point 3 – if something someone says or does annoys you then it usually indicates that you have something to learn. Adopting that attitude can turn disagreement around into discovery. You can learn a lot from different points of view if you explore them.
    Kindness – Robert.
    PS – your posts make me think lots. I like them for that. 🙂


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