I vaguely sensed I was not being any too smart…

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“Suddenly the thought crossed my mind that if I were to put an ounce of whiskey in my milk it couldn’t hurt me on a full stomach. I ordered a whiskey and poured it into the milk. I vaguely sensed I was not being any too smart, but felt reassured as I was taking the whiskey on a full stomach. The experiment went so well that I ordered another whiskey and poured it into more milk. That didn’t seem to bother me so I tried another.”

Alcoholics Anonymous

It’s been a while since I’ve really been in the Big Book, I’m just re-reading There is a Solution and More About Alcoholism right now as I’m re-doing my first step, but this is might be my favorite snippet. This is identical not only to how I relapse, but how I get myself in trouble with pretty much anything.

The Idiot Part of My Brain: This could be interesting, and if it works out it’ll be great!

Normal Part of My Brain: Oh, Jesus F***, not again….

Three hours pass, and the Idiot Part of My Brain is once again celebrating it’s victory. It’s probably waltzing around inside my head with a Burger King crown on…

If you’re interested, here’s Chapter Three/More About Alcoholism, the story I’m referencing starts on p. 35 with: “Our first example is a friend we shall call Jim.”

5 thoughts on “I vaguely sensed I was not being any too smart…

  1. Isn’t it odd that we love slasher stories when they are in writing and yet get scared when the blade materialises before our own eyes.
    It’s almost as if ‘bad stuff’, when it’s written down, becomes fiction and therefore becomes enjoyable.
    But sometimes it isn’t.
    Sometime it isn’t fiction.
    And sometimes it isn’t written down.
    Maybe the worst tragedies come about when it’s the latter.

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    • Ooh, that’s deep. Writing it down bleeds out the poison so to speak and gives you another notch in the belt….oh man, let’s see if I can find some more metaphors, lol.

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