Reblog: Abuse – Why women stay in abusive relationships

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Why women stay in abusive relationships and how to help.

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I’m one of those people who never understood why women stayed in bad or abusive relationships. A healthy percentage of women in the world stay in situations that are not conducive and often life threatening. This bracket is not limited to uneducated or poor communities, but you find empowered and talented women also in the same fix and I often wondered why. It led me to research more about abuse, the cycles, the psychology behind it and as I gained more knowledge, it became apparent to me that leaving is not as simple as that.

Many women do not even realise they are in these kind of situations because they have been brainwashed to believe what they are experiencing is normal. Looking back into my own life, I can already make out a past relationship that had the potential to lead to abuse. Abuse is not merely defined by the…

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8 thoughts on “Reblog: Abuse – Why women stay in abusive relationships

      • Yes it is still teh same, she is indeed lost in her own world. She caught glimpses of another life after my father died young but has remained a prisoner of her codependencies and remains passive aggresive, and sadly fearful.


      • My mother is similiar in respect that she is stuck in her own small world. I wish things could be different with her, but she’s unwilling to get outside help and it’s all so deeply ingrained with her. Blessings to you and your mother.

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  1. I can’t leave because I live in a city with no friends or family and I do not have the money to move out. I am diligently saving every penny that I can so I can move-out. Another reason why I have been hesitant to move is that I have a dog who is like my baby and I am afraid he will want to keep him.

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    • Are there shelters or domestic abuse centers in your area? I don’t know how common it is, but a domestic abuse shelter I live by actually takes pets.
      Love and good luck to you.


      • Unfortunately, the only places I have been able to find are solely for any physical abuse.


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