Ginger Tea

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Life is filled with small pleasures and locating a new one is a special experience. Ginger is a health promoting herb, it has many benefits including high levels of vitamin C, appetite reduction, prevention of alzheimer’s disease, and improved circulation.

What makes ginger different than other supplements I’ve tried is that the appetite reduction and improved circulation is noticable, and the tea delivers an internal heat upon consumption. I’ve been consuming the tea over the last month, and my stomach feels better, I’m more alert, and I feel much better..this might be borderline too much information, but my bowel movements have been excellent.

When prepared in a tea with honey, it’s also one of the most delicious things things in this world. Try this if you’re interested in the benefits or if you enjoy tea.

20 thoughts on “Ginger Tea

  1. I have been craving ginger lately! I add fresh ginger to my morning smoothie and can’t wait to have a ginger ale when I get home, and let’s not even talk about the chocolate covered ginger and candied ginger that I have been eating hahaha

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  2. Ginger is the best thing ever for respiratory system and stomach. It is really more than tea. It helps control stomach’s acid. in addition, releasing the gas out of the stomach, i believe that it heals from Asmtha if it is taken constantly. Great post, Joss!

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  3. Hi Joss

    How are you

    Just wanted to let you know that I listed you for sunshine blogger award, please check our my latest post, congratulations. Thanks

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