What the hell….

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Could someone please tell me what about me makes it seem like it’s okay to not talk to me for three months, suddenly text me asking for money, and when denied, announce that you’re in love with me?

Yeah. Wow. Was that supposed to work? Wouldn’t it work better if you said you loved me and then asked for money?

Otherwise, it’s been the week from hell. My own life has been stressful, but everyone around me is having their own set of major crisises. I just want to hide.

10 thoughts on “What the hell….

  1. Hope your weekend is better than your week, Joss.
    I’m loving that Nirvana song as I’m playing it as I’m typing this.
    Kindness – Robert.


      • It’s good that you have a place to express that. No-one’s going to judge you for that. After all we’re all going through stuff. That’s just life.
        Sending you good vibes on the ether.
        Kindness – Robert.


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