Today’s the day…

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Yesterday I saw my best friend for the first time and in months, and it was wonderful. I feel much less alone and things feel more manageable.

Even if some random old man pulled over and yelled at us for being two able-bodied grown women in a park during the day…It was a little creepy, he pulled over and just sat there for at least three minutes before saying anything. Just sat on the side of the road watching. Felt a little creeped out when we were talking to him and he suddenly announced “Well, I make the rules here”. Like, wow….I don’t know you from Adam, I don’t know what you think you’re in charge of here…

The gremlins, they’re getting bolder.


If everything goes as planned, today is the day for psychedelia. It feels like I’m preparing for a fourth of July celebration…I feel as prepared as possible, and much more reassured that I’m not doing this alone. I have a notebook and pen ready, and we’re going to record audio because two of the chemicals cause a free-flowing of ideas at some point…

She’s pregnant, so she can’t partake, but she’s super stoked to see this stuff in action without having to ingest it. Sort of a researcher role, and also an experienced tripper. She’s definitely the most trust-worthy person to trip around in my life. It’ll definitely add to the experience. I’m so grateful. ❤

I’m going to dose on the shorter acting chemicals first, and then dropping acid later, maybe combining it with one of the shorter acting chemicals. I was originally going to do this alone, so I researched a lot more than I do typically. We’ll see how things go.

I will try to come back with as coherent a narrative as possible. Might take a couple days.

2 thoughts on “Today’s the day…

  1. Have you read “Be Here Now” by Ram Das? It was written in the 60s, so it’s full of hippie imagery and sixties groovy-speak, but underneath all that, it’s a beautiful explanation of mostly Hindu philosophy with many, many suggestions on how to utilize hallucinogens in the pursuit of wisdom. I almost wish he would re-write it for the 21st Century to get rid of the more kitschy counter-culture stuff that isn’t so relatable to most people anymore.


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