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Oh, where do I start…Imagine everything melting together around the edges, beautiful floral patterns and aztec designs, and a sense of being one with everything…with each breath you take, the world around you pulsates and breathes…

Close your eyes, and your floating in weightless space, with free-floating islands and brightly colored tubes coming toward you…No anxiety, just love and quiet.

The dialogue inside your head is one of love, a sense that a maternal universal energy is talking to you and telling you nothing is worth worrying about, we’re all part of each other and everything is love.

A lot of people get “entity contact”, but I didn’t get anything like that…


14 thoughts on “DMT

  1. Its a very interesting read into the effects of a drug… But what is DMT? I’ve never heard of it before And am hesitant to just google it…

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