“Comfort Food” – Kitty Thomas

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There was a time I would have questioned his smile, but our minds had worked to move in sync, thinking each other’s thoughts before the other had them. It was fitting that I should be reduced to this animalistic state once again. I’d been away too long in freedom, the ability to come and go as I pleased, to have privacy, to have modesty. Now it was being stripped away from me all at once.

But I don’t think he fully understood. He may have believed he knew, but he couldn’t possibly know what he’d unleashed within me. I was only free with him. He was the first person who’d seen me in every state imaginable and still wanted me. I’d never been so bare with anyone else.

Am I to be sane and miserable in a world of somebody else’s creation or am I to be crazy, and in my own strange way, free?


4 thoughts on ““Comfort Food” – Kitty Thomas

  1. I have been influenced by your post emotionally for today. Great post, honestly loved straight from the heart, Joss! 🙂


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