I love this city.

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1) Every morning I wake up to the sound of seagulls, muffledly cawing outside. It takes me a few minutes to stop being disoriented and wondering how I ended up by the beach. It’s a soothing way to wake up, but they supposedly get into battles to the death occasionally.

2) Melissa is literally the quietest person I’ve ever lived with. It’s amazing and I sleep like rock here.

3) Diversity! I grew up in Green Bay, I prefer cities that are mixed in terms of age/race/other descriptions.

4) We live right on the same block as some businesses and the mall, it literally only requires getting your shoes on and walking down the road for smokes. Oh my Lord!

5) Really cute guys that aren’t creepy that my friend can introduce me to, possibly. I….have the reputation of a creep magnet, so it’s nice to know that my block is full of cute, somewhat sane singles in my area.

6) Melissa, out of my friends is the most similar to me, and she’s like the sweetest person in the world.

7) did I mention I could possibly start working right across the street? How freaking convenient is that?

8) Her 2 year old son is amazing and I want a kid…. eventually. He has his moments of evil, but pshhht. 🙂

9) Finally happy this year. Things haven’t been going according to plan, really, but this is fantastic. It’s exciting to leave the past behind and move to a new part of the state.

10) Melissa put a charcoal mask on me. It was tingly and my face looks way better.


7 thoughts on “I love this city.

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your new digs. It’s kind of strange that after a while, we can actually start to care about the well-being of people we’ve never met. Yet, here I am, relieved to hear good news from a person I’ve never met. You’re gonna kick Milwaukee’s ass.

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  2. Glad to hear that Milwaukee is treating you well.

    **Waving from Waukesha…just down the road**

    Just remember these times when winter set in.

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