Milwaukee is wonderful

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Moving here was the best decision I ever made. I love my job, and there’s so much to do here. Museums, concerts….the art museum even has yoga classes, and the busses run every fifteen minutes through most parts of town.

My building is old and not in the best shape, but my landlord recently purchased the building and is wonderful about doing repairs.

Attached is a picture not of my actual building, but of one nearby.

I live in the Concordia district. I am definitely not in the greatest part of town, but it’s pretty alright so far.

I’m actually really good at my job, lol. I’m part of the group of four girls that got taken off training calls right away, and I’m actually captioning live telephone calls right now. 🙂 I love this job, it’s rewarding to help the deaf and hard of hearing communicate over the phone, it pays well, and apparently the company promotes from within.

People are much nicer, interesting, and more… like, willing to have real conversations with you. I’ve had a lot of randomly deep conversations with strangers…I like it.

Meanwhile, still not in a relationship. I’ve gotten some interest, but there’s always something off. I don’t know, I know this guy on Huber and when he gets out, maybe…

That, and I love being on my own too much right now. I love having my own tiny apartment.

We even have alley cats that the landlord takes care of!


7 thoughts on “Milwaukee is wonderful

  1. Yea…Milwaukee’s not that bad a place. You’ve got the expansive lakefront stuff, the museums & art galleries, festivals all over the place all summer long, little coffee shops and some damn fine live music if you know where to look.

    The city really does get a bad rap from those who aren’t immersed in it. Glad you’re enjoying yourself!

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