Today has been interesting

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Ordered goat brain from an Indian place today. It is honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve consumed in my life, 10/10 will try organ meats from other cultures again.

Additionally, I’m going on a date with the delivery driver later. Ahaha, I cannot believe my life sometimes.

His name is Kamil, he’s pretty new to this area as well,  is funny, interesting and tentatively labeled as at least a decent human being… additionally he’s my type.

I don’t know, man, I feel like I talk about romantic stuff too much later, but it’s like I’m 29 and might want kids… we’ll see how this goes.

At least I managed to find a man attractive and not immediately flee from his presence, I guess.

Hah. Otherwise I bought tickets to Rent next week, otherwise I’m just paying bills and slowly working up to a normal looking apartment.

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