I’m Waiting for the Man

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Well, actually, I was waiting for an Uber, and found the man.

I took off work early to go to a Tom Waits/circus carnival type thing, right?

Got home to freshen up, called an Uber, car was listed as a silver caddie. Solid, so far, right? Apparently I fucked up and put the little pin slider not exactly at my address, but a block away.

Literally stopped at a nice looking silver car, expecting it to contain my Uber driver.


Got offered weed, coke, crack, politely declined, and started to walk away..

“What about boy?”

Bam. Turned on heels fucking cartoon-style.  Heroin is a thing with me again.

I’m not really shaming myself yet, just feeling cautious about the matter, although this is the first time I started doing a mental “relapse autopsy” before I physically relapsed.

Basically, I had/have way too much money, got all my bills paid for the month, and everything budgeted,  kinda stressed out and it was there.

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