“The Process” – Skinny Puppy

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We’ve come to the end of 2017. It’s been a wild ride, but we survived the year!

I missed out on seeing Skinny Puppy once, but I ended up going to rehab instead. I asked my counselor if I could get a pass to cross state lines with a couple guys for two days to go watch them though. She gave me an interesting look.

Skinny Puppy is a group that’s been around since the early eighties. They’re the industrial version of Phil Anselmo, the members are busy people. Skinny Puppy  intended to “The Process” to be their final album, so using it to bury the year feels right.

I’m sticking pins and needles in this stinging rotten fleshlike substitute
Pieces of half cooked meat that are

Walking on this earth abort desire irrelevance ticks in front in view
A candle rhyme to realign burnt out candles on the wall seize the moment

And if the root of silence pulls me off
And love is lost not from my heart
I sit upon this throne that throws me off

And she falls backwards to the floor
And forwards to the back
She says elapses all my truth again
She’s the one I live for
I live alone
Burns inside horribly she lifts me to the spirit
Burns the darkest hours my corrupt brain is hurting
Once again the door lies quiet
Left alone I’m thinking of her
Sitting the burning clock of time

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