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Been thinking about closing this blog lately, not really sure if I want to keep this evidence thing running, if you want to keep in contact with me my best email right now is tundraghostsATgmail.com.

Don’t really like my private thoughts/large drug-fueled portions of my life being online, most of my quandries in my life now are the other people in it, writing about that makes me feel like an asshole, and just writing about me makes me feel self-absorbed-not to mention I’m a little old lady at this point, so how exciting is me contemplating my limited choice in footwear is like…well, that can’t be exciting.  What do.)

I do adore everyone that I’ve ever spoken to here, wish you the best in life, really met some interesting people.

Otherwise I’d be changing the focus more to books, sometimes poetry, and my recent culinary adventures, not sure of my path at the moment.

(Used to cook in my early 20s, then ever-changing living situations and homelessness rendered me generally non-cooking, now I’ve discovered that I can follow recipes and think I’m god, basically.

No really, up until recently my diet was chicken breasts, frozen vegetables, and rice, with a variety of spices…I feel like my life has exponentially upgraded.)

Getting back into yoga and meditation finally, vegetarian now,  started smoking again, need to quit that…yeah, I’m boring now, lol.

Don’t really like a large portion of my life being open on the internet anymore, kind of suck at keeping up on things here lately…



7 thoughts on “Hey

  1. I’ve always detected a natural flow in the way you’ve chosen to express your personal revelations. So even though I completely dig why you’d want to change your focus, I for one would love to see what you would do in the milieu of fiction. Ever tried your hand at it?

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    • Thank you, this means a lot to me.
      A few times, I tried writing a novel years ago but got bogged down and distracted, ultimately.
      Any recommendations on books on writing? Have had “Writing Down the Bones” on my to-read shelf for a while.

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      • Believe it or not, I’ve never read a single book on writing. My style developed by reading and absorbing the writing styles of others and then fine-tuning it to make it my own. I have only one piece of advice for fiction writing: if you have an idea that you think may be too personal, upsetting, controversial, etc. — write it. Always make yourself uncomfortable and your writing will always be compelling.

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      • Oh, wow! That makes sense. Some books on writing are too spacey and philosophical, some sound like “wake yourself at 3am, write no matter what, if necessary, hire someone to whip you if you stop.”
        Haha, crap, There’s definitely an idea that comes to mind on things that make me uncomfortable, been involved in a weird/intense on/off three year psychological role-reversing cat and mouse game with a guy I used to get high with, not sure if we’re best friends or arch enemies at the moment. Have no idea how that shit worked when it did…

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      • Psychological role-reversing might be perfect! I just started posting a story that springs from a writing challenge my friend Tanya gave to me. I’m narrating it as a woman and the only reason I’ve been able to work with this is precisely because it’s so outside of my comfort zone…if that makes any sense.


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