pictures, too many words.

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Milwaukee is perfect.

Sorry for the recent influx of selfies, just kind of like…this is one of the rare pictures of myself that I like. Props to Melissa to get me to calm down and stop using the thumbs up pose I’ve been using since age 14. Considering I’m like 30, I am on some levels way too much of an insecure teenager.

This is totally her shirt, she’s trying to get me to stop dressing in black/brown/grey…think the amount of black and grey in my apartment has to be an over-the-top joke on depression, but okay…

Oh! I FINALLY GOT A NEW APARTMENT. It’s in Melissa’s building, and it’s nice. I’m moving on up out of the hood, guys. It’s actually close to work, and a friend, lol…which is a lot nicer than moving to the south side, like I was thinking about…it’s nice over there, but it’s mostly over the highway, which means that bus trips are insanely long.

Moving in a couple months…super happy.

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