C is for Crumb…

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R. Crumb’s work is a delicious blend of high and low art. Hell, the man started out doing greeting cards for Hallmart, ranged into intense political commentary and personal revelations, and ended up creating an animated version of the book of Genesis. He gets a lot of flak for misogyny and racism, but (my interpretation) of the general level of satire in his work, it is more a commentary on culture and weird personal preferences…

Outside of his work as a cartoonist, he has done a tremendous amount of work in preserving old american & international music, and played banjo in a group called the cheap suit serenaders for a while…a couple compilations from his collection are tagged on the end of this…

Dunno if anybody would remember this, but at some point in the early 90’s, he did some kind of “sell-out” move and produced devil girl chocolates and mints, remember they were in my dad’s friend’s comic book shop…I was already “devil girl” at like, sevenish, I think this was, haha…








So, he went from this:


to this:


finally, to this:


ps: he drew women shoving donald trump’s head in a toilet. he is the hero america needs.


the man

Born in Philadelphia in ’43, in a somewhat demented Catholic family, Crumb withdrew early, honed his art and developed interests in the golden age of cartooning (max fleisher, etc), and weird ol’ 78 jazz records. He left home at 18, worked for Hallmark, moved to Europe, dropped acid, and started collaborating on Zap! comix – if you want a good selection of weird 70s shit, here’s your in, did Weirdo in the 80’s, moved to France in the 90s…Think he married Arlene Kaminsky-Crumb in the 80’s, perhaps…they did “Drawn Together” and some other work together, it’s pretty awesome.

He’s probably most well known from the Crumb documentary, here’s a few choice moments:

the art

Essentially this man has been extremely active toward the seventies, for the sake of sanity-maintanence for myself, I’m listing a few books. Also going to mention there’s some pretty completist torrents out there….


weirdo1 (2).jpg

here it is online.

more of a short piece, probably one of the first things I fell in love with as a teen – honestly totally went through my dad’s comics at a younger age, but not quite at the “comprehend this kind of shit” age, haha.

The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb is good if you’re frightened…

Drawn Together is done with his wife….

“My Troubles with Women” is a classic…

Crumb has also profiled some interesting folk like Bukowski and Kafka…

PS: Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me is a collection of letters from his younger years, worth the read.

the music

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3 thoughts on “C is for Crumb…

  1. Love Crumb! So glad you posted this, I can come back and read and follow more links – I have one of his books after I saw a thing on tv about him 15yrs or so ago šŸ™‚


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