D is for Drawing…

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(insert joke about giving you the d here)

One of the fundamentals of visual art is the ability to perceive correctly, and properly convey the message you are trying to send. If you’re a beginner or picking art back up again, it is beneficial to narrow your focus down to the essentials in the beginning. It’s also helpful to draw the world/objects around you and study light, relationships, honestly neglected a lot of this and it’s uh….don’t do that. :p Now I’m like 30 and I can draw faces, trees, non-terrible figure drawings (sometimes) , and abstract melty stripey shapes, and that’s about it.

Don’t neglect the fundamentals. :p

I’m going to focus more on pencil drawing here than anything else. It’s pretty inexpensive to start with, and by working in black and white, you really end up focusing on shading and composition more. Less stuff to worry about, really, it’s more important to practice consistantly rather than have the right stuff.

There’s both printed guides, and lessons on youtube. Generally there’s community resources, might be a good idea to drop in.

basic supplies:

A basic set of graphite drawing pencils, a kneaded eraser, and a drawing pad aren’t too much of an investment, really. If you’re just starting, there’s no need to be super-picky.

pencils: stadtler is good, prismacolor is generally good…

kneaded eraser: both fun to play with, and better at erasing than your standard pink square.

tortillions: for smoothing and blending

paper: here’s a guide on sketchbooks by medium.


Here’s a link to the ten best books for beginners

Drawing on the right side of the brain: This is somewhat of a classic, the theory with this one is that it teaches you to use the more spatial part of your brain, allowing you to see shading and relationships versus what the left brain tells you – moving you out of default shapes and cartoon-y type style.

Andrew Loomis guides: Older drawing guides, mostly based on figure drawing. They’re online!

SchaeferArt has a playlist for learning to draw…


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