Generational Trauma

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(properly termed transgenerational/intergenerational trauma)


You are not you. You are your ancestors hopes, dreams, folliables and pain. You are a combination of hundreds, thousands of people who passed before your birth.

Same with anyone else on this planet.

There are up to four ways inter-generational trauma can be passed (from “Transmission of Holocaust Trauma” by Natan P.F. Kellerman; biological transmission is disputed.)

Screenshot 2018-04-06 at 11.57.27 PM.png

Many disorders that tend to move down the family line such as abuse and addiction are the result of past trauma, genetic transmission is kind of a new concept and disputed, but we have years of psychoanalytic/psychological evidence that, basically, traumatized parents, without proper intervention, raised traumatized children.

Running into Buddhist thought, here, there is a form of meditation called “metta’, which translates roughly to loving-kindness.

The meditation generally starts with:

May I dwell in safety.
May I be happy and healthy.
May I be free from afflictions.
May I be at peace.

Next, you move onto the same format, but with a person you feel gratitude toward. Next, a neutral person (a cashier, random person on the street), then a person you have difficulty with, then humanity as a whole.

Part of becoming a psychologically healthy adult (well, work in progress, over here, but) generally includes forming/re-forming a loving and forgiving relationship with one’s parents, and in some cases may need outside intervention or be impossible.

Ultimately, conflict with others is difficult, and you must consider the pros and cons, your own capability and what the best outcome of the situation is. We all are human, unfortunately.


The Aftermath of Intergenerational Trauma: Substance Use Risk and Resiliency – Laurel E. Pickel. Study on Canadian First Nations people (Native Canadians) with substance abuse disorder

Effects of child abuse and neglect on adult survivors. Small segment on intergenerational transmission.

descendents of holocaust have altered stress hormones.

epigenetic change in stress-related genes in african-americans (video)

holocaust study on epigenetics debunked – even if genetic causes are removed, we still have the sociological effects of coming from a stigmatized group

tuskagee syphillis experiment. african-american men were told they had “bad blood” and offered free medical treatment, instead the experimenters watched the course of the disease progress without treating it. This happened between 1932 – 1972, even after penicillin was discovered to be an effective cure for syphillis…nope.

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs. Loan programs were created as part of the new deal program, loans were available in white neighborhoods, minority neighborhoods were excluded. Housing discrimination still exists.

Reagan and Clinton’s unequal treatment of cocaine vs crack possession. 2010 saw the sentencing ratio change from 100:1 to 18:1 Also see “13th”, on media treatment and incarceration rates in the black community, and corruption/profit in the prison industry.

Segregation is increasing in public schools, not decreasing.

The history of birth control in Puerto Rico.


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