H is for Head…

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Researchers have created a device that can hear your inner voice

When we verbalize internally, we trigger subtle neuromuscular signals. AlterEgo can read these signals through electrodes placed on the skin. The device then responds to the wearer through a bone conduction speaker, eliminating the need for earbuds or headphones.


Joe has just worked himself into
an imaginary frenzy during the fade-out of his imaginary song
He begins to feel depressed now. He knows the end is near. He has realized
at last that imaginary guitar notes and imaginary vocals exist only in the mind
of the imaginer.
And ultimately, who gives a fuck anyway? (laugh)…Excuse me…so who gives a fuck anyway? So he goes back to his ugly little room and quietly dreams his last imaginary guitar solo… 

4 thoughts on “H is for Head…

  1. That first video! Its like they’re implying that dreaming your life away is some kind of “bad thing”! LOL

    Loved the horse video, dont really get the Monkees one, dont think I ever saw that film, you got a bonkers collection here! I have the Joe’s Garage CD, thats real funny! Zappas masterpiece! 😀 😀

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    • Hey, if certain politicians had gotten into living in their heads, we’d all be better off.
      “Head” is sort of a version of the beatles “hard day’s night”, but a little trippier and 70sish…kind of in the same spirit of the Monkees TV show, if that’s ever been a part of your life.
      Joe’s garage is definitely classic. It’s hard to pick with Zappa, though…trying to get into his sorta electronic classical at the moment.

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