Random Greyhound stuff..

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Back in the depths of fly-over country… J/k, I’m from here, kinda…

Greyhounds. People diss them, sometimes they get waylaid by knife-wielders, but you know what Jack Kerouac and the beat generation loved?

Greyhounds. Get a ticket, go anywhere, see the sights, intersect with interesting cross sections of humanity (there are a lot of Amish people on this particular bus)…

And with today’s modern era, it comes with comfortable seats, wifi, and a nice little bathroom. And built in chargers

This is actually a pretty nice way to travel, really wish people would lose their attitudes toward buses/public transportation.

On the other hand, it can take 50 minutes on a city bus to go five miles, so there is that.

Sheboygan War Memorial.

(Bored, on bus musings)

Who but a fool, would take a master who was not his own?

-today’s made up biblical sounding quotation

That opens up another question…why would one not lead oneself? It’s perfectly explainable in terms of skill/learning, but there’s an element of what might be an inherent part of (some) human nature.

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