New plant babies!

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Catnip clipping from my best friend. Nothing better than a friend that can enable enlighten you on the ways of your new hobby, lol.

Catnip is quite lovely to look at, can’t wait ’til it’s bigger and I have my cats. Probably have to hang it, though – Tevye is pretty into the dried form, can’t imagine a tender young plant standing much of a chance with him.

Lucky Bamboo, commonly known as an “unkillable” plant. We shall see, haha.

It’s high light and high water. I like plants that take a bit more watering, feel like I want  to hover nervously and drizzle water in every few hours no matter what the instructions are for the specific plant, lol.

Another gift from my bff! It’s a snake plant/mother-in-law’s tongue plant. I guess this one is going to be bushier than is typical for the species.

Easier upkeep on this one, it likes indirect light and doesn’t need that much watering. (note to self: do not drown this plant, haha.)

Otherwise in the world of plants, there’s a course on Coursera called “Understanding Plants“…it’s less an intro to gardening course than a biological and scientific view on plants. In the second week, haven’t come to a major decision on it, but it’s good so far.

Random facts:

  • yams contain phyto-estrogen, which is a primary ingredient in birth control
  • plants are actually quite sentient in a way. They can sense light, movement, sound, and color. Obviously they sense light, but they actually have an awareness of how long they’ve been exposed to it.
  • Plants also have had a major effect on world history. Guess that’s not really surprising if you’re aware of the history of like, “wheat in the fertile crescent”, “the potato in Ireland”, or “opium, china, and english traders”, but for instance, the only source of food for silkworms are mulberry trees, so any type of issue with mulberry trees leads to issues with silk…
  • We’re running out of arable land, temptures are increasing, and the population is growing. We’re doomed, guys.
  • Darwin started out as a botonist.
  • Barbara Mcclintock discovered that pieces of dna can move in the genome in the fifties…her ideas were largely rejected at the time, but now she’s the one woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in her own. The lady was studying corn ffs.

Tropism! Plants follow light!

Ever seen sunflowers?


3 thoughts on “New plant babies!

  1. They are lovely lil’ 🌱 😀😍
    Yea I’ve seen sunflowers! I never new about the thing that they face towards sun.. i saw it while passing by in a train.. 🌻 sunflower farm 😊❤✨

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