RIP Patricia

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Woman killed downtown stepped in front of car

Patricia (pa-TREESH-a) used to stand outside and walk around where I work…She was in her mid-60’s, I’m unsure how long she was dealing with being homeless, but ended up sleeping in alleys, had a lot of issues with being propositioned for money… Was homeless a while myself, it was obviously easier as a young person in a city with accessable shelters…tried to help her out a bit with the situation she was in, but bad luck and over burdened social systems were major parts of her life.

Never dealt with flashing really before I moved here, simultaneously saddening/horrifying/alarming that a literal Gramma had dudes coming up to her talking about their giant dongs, she’d ask for a cup of coffee, then they’d tell her to suck them off for it…do not have words for this shit. Such disrespect and just…

Shelters are full here, generally, more open in winter, but if you get shit-canned from one or more here, you’re kind of black balled. Looked into getting into one here myself before I got this place, super picky, hours of my job excluded me from most (!!!), women with children are priority…

She had Parkinson’s, head injury at some point…

Not really sure how she ended up being homeless, used to work with insurance in hospitals and bitched at me to get my ass back in school for coding and billing. She got social security, but it wasn’t enough to get her into an apartment. We have rooming houses for women here, she wouldn’t get a place without him.

Spent some time internally arguing about letting her stay with me, she had a boyfriend and it all seemed a bit too risky…gahhhh.

Patricia had a daughter, I think, in one of the surrounding towns here.

Used to get her coffee and sandwiches sometimes, last fall used to sit with her on my lunch break, and talk to her before work. She found a place through winter… She was a nice woman, just in a shit situation. Great sense of humor and perspective…

Definitely had sight issues, switched coats in the end of fall and it took her a little bit to realize who I was, lol.

Sad that her life ended up being summarized as “legally blind woman walks out in front of car”. Saw her a few days before this happened, lit a smoke for her. Remember her walking away, was waiting for the bus after work…

It’s horrifying how many people just fall through the cracks. This woman was 64, obviously had health issues, was working with the government, really cannot comprehend the ineptitude of social systems sometimes.


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