abstract poetry thing.

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“You’re here, but you’re so far away.”

Who – where – when?

Sourceless emotions.




Focus on color, shape, form. Objectivity. Dates. Names. Faces.

Solid things.


“Where are you right now?”

“I don’t know.”


A grafted branch that overtakes its host. A ripped page, obscured writing. Fragments.

Emotional distortion. Change with time.

Biology. Demands. Breathe. Speak…


When are we right now?


“Can’t you pretend to be normal?”

A river, splitting. Masks.




What is habit and what is real?

Everything crashes, everything repeats itself. Try.


Be solid. Be real. Breathe.

Basic facts.

Focus. Focus.

How can either be trusted?

Mallible. Distorted. Weak.


Sensations. Focus. Breathe.


When was this?

When are we, right now?

Splitting off, doubt, reassurance, obedience.


What is me, and instead what I’ve been led to believe? Projection.

Pretend to be human.

You are wrong.

We don’t talk about that.

You read too much into things.

Why are you so jumpy?

You have no reason to be upset. You don’t have problems, you are the problem.

Try harder.

Do this instead.


Don’t talk about that.

Smile. Do what I ask.

Blend in with the other sheep.

This is your fault.

Words without meaning.


You don’t remember?




Be here, right now.

A misfire of neurons.

Sensory memory.

Empty. Pure. Blank. Innocence.

Crumbled papers in the rain. Ink runs off paper, obscuring meaning.









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