P is for Productivity

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Everyone has some level of challenge with prioritizing and getting things done. Here’s a few tips & tricks I use:

  • Write it down.

The human memory is a tricky thing, if something is important enough to remember, it’s important enough to write down. Personally, I find having too much to do in my head results in anxiety, and nothing getting done. Too much stuff piles up and I swear I just want to curl in a fetal position and think about the order to do things in and how much disaster is going to potentially ensue. This is not productive.

There’s several ways you can handle this – evernote is a nice app for note-taking, calendar setting, anything you need reminders for. Personally, I like it  because what I do on my phone transfers over to the chromebook, and it’s free! Google keep is pretty decent, as well.

My dayplanner is pretty indispensible, though – nice to have a physical thing that tracks what’s going on.

  • Turn off notifications

So, somewhere between my tendency to compulsively respond to messages, and overly aggressive people (seriously, if you called me twice in a row and I didn’t pick up – maybe I’m doing a thing? Maybe this worked the first few times because I assumed there was a crisis and it never is, so I hope you’re not dying, but no?), I needed to step in and parent myself.

You can mute conversations on messenger, and most phones have settings that allow you to block notifications for apps, disallow the phone to ring after a certain hour – there are numbers you can white-list, generally.


  • Eff social media

why the hell anyone feels the need to know what is going on with 300 people they don’t talk to is beyond me. Ok, ok – I blog, but like…this format makes sense to me. Longer, more meaningful and personal, but also fairly anonymous. Really, each to his own, but if messenger wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t be on FB.

There’s been a lot of studies done that social media actually enhances depression and isolation, and feelings of less-than-ness. People don’t really post about monotony.

Even with mine – what, am I going to post a status like “paid my electric bill. went to work. cleaned”?

I totally don’t mention the mundance and annoying shit, but will occasionally try to put up something positive? Otherwise the only stuff I allow myself to post are articles and songs, and no one really gives a fuck about that, so I’m stymied on the entire concept of status updates at this point. FB is good for group photos, and like, people you used to be close with and there’s like a half-ass vague mutual interest? Maybe? Some groups are ok?

Help, what is facebook?

Like why would I want to just publically broadcast my shit at this point? Ew. If I could get away with wearing a burqa and being referred to as Anon Citizen, I would.

*blogs about self, unironically*

If you have issues with facebook or time-wasting sites, try stayfocused. you can block yourself for certain periods of time.

Honestly, I have a fb, with approximately 20 people on it, none of which I’m related to. Kind of got in the habit of talking to 2 people on messenger, and I have this annoying tendency to delete it, honestly it made sense like twice, but now I just like…don’t want my fb tied to anything. Vestigal facebooking, at thirty.

I have a total “grandma” fb at this point. Dislike the privacy failures by the corporation and just don’t want random people up in my personal history so much. It’s weird and creepy, don’t get why I was so into that at one point. Had an ex, we were totally over-the-top with our fb love of each other and now like, it’s conceptually gross to me. Plz don’t declare your undying, pure love of me on the internet and tell me I’m a piece of shit three seconds later? I question my sense of reality enough, thanks.

  • Clean environment

So, if I’m busy, I’m prone to let orderliness slide a bit, generally clean on my days off from work. You know what happens if my apartment gets messy? Less motivation to clean, then depression, and all of a sudden there’s fifteen feet of newspapers that I’m trapped under, then I’m fired and lose my job? Oh, sorry, was projecting a bit there…but it might be different for you, but anything beyond “slight mess” is super-demotivating for me.

  • Schedule in rewards and self-care along with errands and necessities

Only scheduling in unpleasant tasks makes your dayplanner feel like the “Today’s Punishment Is…” book. Also found out that regularly doing things I enjoy *gasp* makes me less of a miserable asshole. So, make time for things that nurture you and aid in relaxation.

  • Exercise

It enhances dopamine (<3), and increases energy and motivation. Also you’re less likely to die as much, that’s pretty dope.

  • Utilize your commute time

If you drive, try an audio book. If you’re a public transportation user like me, you have more time for writing and reading- as long as you’re familiar with the route, lol.

  • Have your groceries delivered

You can order them online and have them delivered to your house. It makes life so less hellish.

  • Get up early

Yeah, it’s unpleasant and weird, but actually waking up early, eating breakfast, and exercising make you less of a miserable, lazy bastard.


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