Walgreens weirdness.

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Think I’m starting to find my type of weirdos in this city, finally…only took me like a year, haha.

Befriended a man selling shoes out of a suitcase.

Well, this was before going to Walgreens. Was checking out at night, and some lady walks in, knocks over a display and starts screaming “Call the police if he puts his hands on me.” Keeps screaming call the police. Like, she walks in, knocks stuff over, and really wants the cops for some reason.

We have a security guard at night, kinda a bigger calmer guy, he tried to get her out without touching her, ends up pretty much having to bear-hug walk her out, all while she’s screaming for someone to film this and call the police.

The cashier at night is an older lady, like close to seventy, sits down and shes yelling at her to calm her mess down…she was pretty awesome at this, to be honest. At some point she quotes cabaret “leave your troubles outside”…

Eff yeah, older Walgreens cashier.


So by the time I’m checked out, he’s maneuvered her to the front, they’re yelling racial shit at each other…I just slid out the other side of the door like “don’t mind me…”

So I met a guy selling shoes out of a suitcase last night. He’s from Louisiana, and pretty interesting. Works in a factory. He seems like the right intersection of “weird and smart”, plus I don’t get all stupidly tongue-tied with him, which is always a fucking upside.

Also, he memes.

Oh God, that shouldn’t be a priority, should it?


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