More fun discoveries at Mom’s

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*knitting needles and supplies. Don’t have a huge amount of stuff, but super happy to have it back.

*Some cool shirts that fit, some too small. David Bowie for the win.

*My graduation coin and stone that says hope from graduating rehab.

*Literally notebooks full of stepwork and daily reflections, five plus books on recovery…. I feel like an amnesiac.

Guess this has to be the most creative relapse I’ve come up with yet. Break leg, forced to move to the South end of the state, stop meetings because mobility issues and new location, “cure self” with 4-aco-dmt, get obsessed with work, fuck self over, enter escape hatch before doom ensues.

Julie ended up being up here at her mom’s, we got pizza and talked shit over. ❤ best friend time. Still gotta pick out a time to get the Daria tattoos.

It hasn’t been terrible at my mom’s, but it’s pretty much a power struggle.