“Down II” – Down

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Down is one hell of a supergroup – if you want good metal, check out the other bands featuring these musicians. Here’s two songs from “Down II”.

I never thought before, a life could be so strange, but it is
And I guess my one a day, became ten or twelve or more, and more
But I’ve got a gift, it’s something called my friends or love
With them and I combined, I’ll beat an early end, it’s been done before
No time of passing away, of losing just one more day
I’m trying to kill what’s happening to me
A ghost along the Mississippi

The 1800s, before the inception
Of modern day ideals
Fake grip of appeals
Straight to the street run, no barroom virgin
Double vision, cocaine
To a whorehouse of pain!

New Orleans is a dying whore
Naked she sleeps on my floor
New Orleans is a dying whore


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This movie is an absolute stunner – not only is it visually arresting, it’s a rare exceptional female-oriented film. This movie has all the great elements of a story-friendship, love, action, and tragedy. I really wasn’t sold on the story at first, but it picks up and the conclusion will blow your mind. I guess it’s okay to say that nobody was expecting a happy end with this one, but the ending to this film is absolutely unforgettable.