No charges against West Milwaukee officers in death of a mentally ill man hit 18 times with Taser

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No charges against West Milwaukee officers in death of a mentally ill man hit 18 times with Taser

(jist of article: Someone called for a welfare check on a 22 year old man in a living facility with schizophrenia, seemed he was having a break with reality. Nothing violent or suicidal, not that would automatically justify this.

He was taking a shower when they arrived, the unit was locked, instead of waiting for a person with a key or for him to answer, they bust down the door. He stares at them blankly. This seems like one of the top three human responses to “I was taking a shower, now the cops broke down my door and are yelling at me for reasons unbeknownst to me”; also the least deserving of tasing. He began to struggle when they had him on the floor and were handcuffing him, again, pretty normal human stuff…

They tase him no less than 18 times, load him down with sedatives…and they’re not responsible for his death.)


It was that damn “excited delirium“, that seems to lay in wait to frame decent, god-fearing police officers.

H is for Head…

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Researchers have created a device that can hear your inner voice

When we verbalize internally, we trigger subtle neuromuscular signals. AlterEgo can read these signals through electrodes placed on the skin. The device then responds to the wearer through a bone conduction speaker, eliminating the need for earbuds or headphones.


Joe has just worked himself into
an imaginary frenzy during the fade-out of his imaginary song
He begins to feel depressed now. He knows the end is near. He has realized
at last that imaginary guitar notes and imaginary vocals exist only in the mind
of the imaginer.
And ultimately, who gives a fuck anyway? (laugh)…Excuse me…so who gives a fuck anyway? So he goes back to his ugly little room and quietly dreams his last imaginary guitar solo…