V is for Values

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It seems like there’s too much focus on finding a sense of belonging, maybe a place in the narrative of humanity. It’s important to focus on individual attributes and  small, day-to-day choices rather one’s role in a cohesive group. Meaning that what you choose to do with your life, abilities, and energy on a day-to-day basis make you who you are, not anything else either granted by birth, social group, or position.

So…looking at and finding your personal values are hard, if you’ve lost touch with them. You can probably rattle off things that sound nice – but is it relevant to how you live your life? How can one reliably find attributes of self -positive and negative – while separating out things that have been forced upon us?

It’s really more of a building process than a thing that can be stripped down and done once, from my experience. Feel like this is all relatively meaningless rambling, here’s a video: