Writing as a Path to Awakening quotes

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Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes process, and with consistent attention, proficiency, and eventually, with further devotion, mastery.

Wait no longer. This rebirth of wonder starts here and now in this very moment. It begins with slowing down and observing the world as a child might, as a bright-eyed, unadulterated adult might. It’s about becoming mindful and awake to the world again, filling ourselves with awe and curiosity, and finding the outlet for expressing that awe and wonder in language. Slowing down and getting quiet is key. Start by breathing in silence and see what arises within you. You’ll be amazed. Meditation is such an incredible ground for writing because it’s a natural reset. Given all the plans and appointments we encounter in our days—the obligations, deadlines, and desires—our mind becomes incredibly busy. Poetry and meditation allow us to settle back into our natural state of calm and open receptivity. One can only think of how a snow globe, when shaken (with blizzards of thought), blurs the scene, and then upon setting it down on a calm shelf the scene is restored to its original clarity. Well, it’s just like that with thoughts, emotions, and words. They might swirl about in a chaotic mix, but once you allow them to settle, you’ll find calm and clarity, which instigates an opening for your creativity and insight to blossom.

Don’t ask yourself if you’re in the mood to write or if you feel inspired. These are fleeting and irrelevant feelings for a writer to dwell in. In our mind we think that happiness is predicated on doing what we want or like to do in any given instant, but studies show over and over again that true lasting joy-in-your-soul happiness comes from generosity, from giving to and helping others, and from a feeling of competence generated by fulfilling a commitment—that is, following projects through to completion. The more we write through resistance and the more we write through the times we don’t want to write, the less pull resistance and distraction will have on us, the more confidence we build, and the more likely we are to finish that writing project.

a thing.

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(have not written poetry in a while, not really sure what to label this)

Words are hard when the self is buried under years of dissatisfaction and disconnect. Many voices spring from one mouth, uncertainty pervades even the smallest events. Who am I? Who are you?

Is this real? What is?

A life focused on not causing harm, but due to the nature of existence so many hurts are caused. The safety and calm and solitude, only to be penetrated to reveal wounds hidden under a sheath…

A consciousness held stable by parring things down, denying events and feelings, surface level calmness. Everything is beautiful, beautiful now, but don’t get too close…

Secret histories, are they spoken, lost, or tacitly acknowledged?


How can truth be so lost? How can reality be doubted so much? So much objectivity hidden in distrust, so many tricks of the mind move throughout the shifting of the sun…